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Oona Clothing

Spine T-Shirt

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My friend Patricia Chauncey was an activist, an artist, a partner, a parent and a loving friend.
She fought cancer for a very long time - she lived with it the entire time I knew her.
She passed away in January of 2015 and just over a year ago her husband Tim gifted me some of her silkscreens.
With his permission, I’ve made some Oona favourites using some of her prints.

20% of all sales of these items will be donated to The Canadian Cancer Foundation as a way for me to remember my friend, for anyone else whose loved one is living with it and for all of us to say Stick it to Cancer!
Most of us will either experience or be affected by cancer in some way or another in our lifetimes and this is one small way to help.

100% Cotton

I cut the shirts, print the shirts and sew the shirts with my own hands in Canada.