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INSTACHEW Trekpod Smart Pet Carrier, App Enabled, for Cats and Small Dogs

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Travel in style with the INSTACHEW Trekpod SMART Pet Carrier. Combining modern design with timeless comfort principles, your pets will be delighted to leave the house! APP enabled, so you can take control of the intelligent temperature system! Adjust modes on the go to suit your pet using the Instachew Infinity APP.



INTELLIGENT TEMPERATURE CONTROL: The INSTACHEW Trekpod pet carrier utilizes modern technology to always ensure the optimal temperature. when the temperature reaches 25 degrees, one fan turns on automatically. When the temperature reaches 28 egrees, both fans are turned on. The temperature is reduced to 27 degrees. Fans will time out and adjust. This allows your pet to travel with you in hot weather and cold!

SHOCK REDUCTION: The smart shock absorption system is built into the back plate of the backpack and is designed to the force of your pet’s weight on your body and minimize shock from moving around. Specially designed metal plated food pads prevent the bag rom falling when placed on the floor.

ROBUS POWER OPTIONS: The Trekpod is powered by a 5V USB power bank which doubles as a portal charger if needed! Charge any device with the portable outlet. Power bank sold separately

TINTED WINDOW: The tinted viewing panel allows your pet to enjoy the beautiful scenery while being protected and shaded from the harsh sun.

BREATHABLE: The intelligent ventilation system allows for smart, automatic air control dependent on the internal temperature of the bag. This keeps the bag comfortable, breathable, and minimizes noise interference.