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INSTACHEW Puresmart Water Fountain, App enabled drinking fountain for pets, Alexa and Google Assistant Compatible, Push Notifications, water fountain for cats, water fountain for dogs, cat water bowl

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INSTACHEW Puresmart App Connected Water Fountain for Pets, Wifi Enabled, Drinking for Cats and Dogs, 3 Stage Filteration System and Alexa Compatibility with Automatic Eco Friendly Sleep Mode

The INSTACHEW Puresmart Water Fountain is an app enabled drinking fountain for pets. It has constant water flow with a quadruple stage filtration system. You can now schedule drinking times for your pet, and receive push notifications to keep track of your pet's drinking habits from your smartphone. Alexa and Google Assistant compatibilty, perfect for your smart home.


APP ENABLED : Use the INSTACHEW INFINITY app to control your fountain, to set schedules and power it on and off.

QUADRUPLE FILTRATION: Constant water flow with 4 stages of filtration providing your pets with the cleanest water daily!

SCHEDULED DRINKING TIMES: Afraid your pet isn't getting enough water? Schedule their drinking and make sure the water is always flowing at the push of a button.

COMPATIBILITY : Alexa and Google Assistant Compatible.

Push Notifications: Get notified on your smartphone when it's time for your furry friend to hydrate. You can also keep track of the fountain's water level with push notifications when it's empty.

ππŽπˆπ’π„ π‚π€ππ‚π„π‹π‹π€π“πˆπŽπ: You can hardly hear any sound from the fountain. You will not have any noises even in your bedroom. The unique water fountain has the ability to hide alerts and sounds.