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INSTACHEW Puresight Mini Wi-Fi Pet Camera, Indoor Security Camera with Phone App for Cats and Dogs

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INSTACHEW PURESIGHT Mini   HD PET CAMERA with a wide‑angle view that delivers optimum security to your pets and to your home. You can ensure the safety of your pet with the night vision and motion detectors in this indoor home security surveillance camera. You can connect your camera to the INSTACHEW Infinity app and control it from anywhere using the phone app-enabled monitoring system, so you don & apos; t have to worry about your pet & apos; s safety when you leave home. It does & apos' matter whether you & apos; re traveling for a short or long time, the pet camera lets you keep an eye on them from anywhere. The 2-way audio, with input and output, and the flexible recording capabilities, allow you to stay connected to your home at all times. It & rsquo; s easy to use the camera in the same room as your friend and control it with your smartphone using the & quot; INSTACHEW Infinity & quot; app. It & rsquo; s a high-tech way to gain peace of mind when it comes to your precious friends!
  • MOTION SENSOR: Motion detection allows you to get notification on your phone when activated 
  • APP-ENABLED: Connect to our app to monitor your pet’s activity with your smart phone.
  • NIGHT VISION: Light or not, be able to see clearly with night vision capability 
  • INTERACTIVE: 2-way voice, real time video with SD Card storage (128G) allowing you to store 10 days worth of recordings.