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Haico's Hot Sauce

Honey Mustard (Not Just) BBQ Sauce - MILD 1.5/5

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Honey Mustard (Not Just) BBQ Sauce
MILD 1.5/5 

Haico’s Honey Mustard (Not Just) BBQ started it’s life as a limited edition BBQ sauce originally created to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday. But it was so popular with the public that we decided to keep it in our line up. The label was adjusted and we learned that people had not just been using it as a BBQ Sauce. Uses for this sauce can vary from dipping sauce, salad dressing, on pizza, with ham, turkey, or whatever your imagination can come up with!

Our BBQ Sauce won third place for Honey Mustard BBQ Sauce in the World Hot Sauce Awards in Louisiana in 2019.

Ingredients: Smoked Roma tomatoes, onions, local honey, fresh lemon juice, amber maple syrup, Mustard Menace Hot Sauce, garlic, fresh herbs and spices