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4 Candle Pack

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Soy odour eliminator candles made by Luxe & Little are premium quality, 100% pure soy wax and top shelf fragrance and essential oils. Such quality ingredients make Luxe candles a premium luxury brand, deserving to be in your home.


Odour neutralizing happens when a Luxe candle is lit and a wax pool forms. The heat from the pure soy wax used in the candle will activate the enzymes and oils to react with the air molecules, replacing the stinky smell with a fresh scent by filling the air pockets. This process is continuous and once the odour is eliminated, it stays gone.


Try Jive for a stinky pet odour. It works exceptionally well.


Made in Canada.


Oooooohhhh that’s fresh!


Quickly turn your home into a tropical oasis with Jive scent. It gently neutralizes the air in any room as it unleashes a welcoming fragrance that is subtle, beach refreshing and odour eliminating.

Loved by everyone, Jive transports you to a destination of tranquility and calm with a top note of Ocean Breeze. On the way, it mesmerizes the senses with Sun and Sand and sets you down on the beach with a base note of Blue Raspberry.


Formulated with premium essential and fragrance oils. Jive scent is packed with odour eliminator natural enzymes and blended with scents that include Bahama Berry, Blue Raspberry, Musk, Green Tea, Sun and Sand plus Ocean Breeze.


These combinations are blended with a formulation that separates each scent as it is added to the melting wax,  and then unifies the blend by filling the air molecules created. 


Top Note -Ocean Breeze

Heart Note -Sun and Sand

Base Note -Musk & Red Currant


Made in small batches and hand-poured the effectiveness of the enzymes are unleashed whenever a Jive scented candle is lit.


Burn Times:
Small 4 oz – 30 hours
Large 10 oz – 70 hours