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Teal Simba

14" Oven Gloves Smoke Resistant BBQ Grill Gloves Fire Resistant

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This glove is made of food-grade neoprene. It has waterproof, fireproof and antifouling properties. It is soft in texture, cool and comfortable. The palm design can maintain the flexibility of your hands and protect your hands when you grill or cook


1. Made of food-grade neoprene, with waterproof, fireproof and antifouling properties, which can protect your hands from high temperature damage

2. The palm anti-slip five-finger design ensures the flexibility of both hands

3. The double-layer soft cotton lining is not only comfortable but also has good heat insulation, keeping your hands cool and comfortable

4. Easy to clean, just wash the gloves with a little soap and hang to dry, so there will be no stains


5.14 inches long sleeves can effectively protect your arms


1. Material:Food-Grade neoprene rubbe
2. Function:
Heat resistant up to 932°F 
3. Size:Size10/XL-14 IN
4. Weight: 0.84lbs
5. Suitable for: Boiling water or steam/

Package Includes:

2 x Gloves (1 pair)