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Oona Clothing

Thunder Pants UnderPants - Shreddies (mid -thigh length)

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Oona Clothing Company was established in 2001.  I make all Oona garments with the goal to fit many shapes and sizes.  My aim is that everybody wearing Oona feels as terrific as they look because those are two worlds that should always collide!

Inclusion is very important at Oona and all shes, hes, theys and thems and anyone in between are welcome.

Every single item that comes out of the Oona Studio is cut, printed and sewn with my own hands.  Heck, I even draw the images and make the screens I use to print them – I’m talking about all the way handmade!

Oona is built to last!  Fast fashion is one of the toughest issues in these modern times so not only do I complete every step of production in-studio, I also take great pride in the good quality and longevity of Oona garments and accessories. Durability is the key to standing up to the test of time.  I personally have so many items I made years ago that, while faded a bit, still hold up.

“Franken” gear, “Post-Production” styles and “Rescued and Repurposed” items are born from my desire to keep as much textile waste out of the landfill.  They are one of a kind or one of a few styles that challenge my imagination to make useful, amazing things out of what otherwise would be in the garbage!

To support other local businesses, I source all of my fabric locally so you know I have seen it and touched it before I chose it and used it.  This means that quite often there is only a certain amount available and sometimes I can only do a limited run of some styles.  This also means each garment is a pinch more special.

I hope you enjoy your Oona as much as I enjoy making it!

X’s and O’s,





Size S = 28/30

Size M = 30/32

Size L = 32/34

Size XL = 36/38

Size 2XL = 38/40


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